Babylon Hive

This hive was built around the great Administratum data vault, stretching from two kilometers above the ground to nearly a kilometer below it, and covering an area of 100 square kilometers at its widest point (150, if you include the expansive but relatively flat starport district at the city’s northern rim). This huge superstructure has dozens of smaller districts and neighborhoods, but they can be neatly divided into four parts: the Upper Hive (sometimes called the Spires), the Middle Hive, the Lower Hive, and the Underhive. The Vault punches through all of them, serving as a 2-kilometer spike on which the rest of the structure grows.


Middle Hive

The main bulk of the middle class.

Main Hive

Where most of the people live, including large segments of the Administratum.


This is a bulging offshoot of the main hive spreading far up to the north, consisting of a 50-kilometer field of various landing platforms and dry docks, to support aeronautica and voidships alike.

Lower Hive

This bustling core is 90 stories tall, interspersed with huge spires that reach from the Middle Hive to the ground floor. It remains in total darkness beyond the streetlights and artificial lighting, as the outer walls of the city stretch directly up to the top of this layer.

The first 10 stories above the ground floor are cocooned in an overlapping web of highways and walkways, as well as the odd building here and there. Smaller spires that mimic the Upper Hive are also present, piercing the honeycomb of streets and tunnels that permeate the lower levels. The pillars that reach from ground floor to Middle Hive are called the Greater Spires, and many of them continue straight up into the Upper Hive.

There are astoundingly few lighters or skimmers in this part of the hive, as there are very few direct access points that could lead outside: thus, most aircraft in the Lower Hive’s airspace were assembled inside the dome itself. Most freight is done by truck through highways. Personal transportation is facilitated by an overcrowded light rail network that circles the hive in concentric rings.

The Lower Vault

The Administratum stretches all the way down into these petty districts, but rather than the opulent splendor found in the higher reaches of the Vault, the libraries found down here are closer to a military station than anything else.

Arbitus Precinct Tiberius Beta

This precinct-fortress sits in the central ring, not quite half a kilometer from the Vault. It is one of the smaller precinct-fortress in the Lower Hive, and it supplies local enforcers with emergency response teams across much of the western quarter of the Lower Hive. Most of the area under its coverage consists of habitation blocks filled with industrial workers, so most crimes are too petty to warrant tactical response; that is, unless there’s a riot, in which case Arbitrators are called in from the much larger Tiberius Alpha.
This was once the home of Killian.

Hab Block 22-92A-1

This is basically a gated community, near the top of one of the smaller lesser spires. Of the thirty apartments inside, six of them belong to you.

Mechanicus Station L4

This is a small conclave spire for the Adeptus Mechanicus, responsible for maintenance and construction in large swathes of the Lower Hive but not including the Industrial District. It was once the home of Vennia.


Below the surface streets of the Lower Hive is an incredible series of tunnels and caves, sometimes drilled into the bare rock, and sometimes tremendously overwrought. Many of the lesser and greater spires have access points and maintenance tunnels down here, settling in like roots of a tree. Much of the Underhives can be said to have built itself, since there is very little oversight from the Adeptus Administratum or the Adeptus Mechanicus. All built by the hands of small and fleeting men, trying their best to survive far from the eyes of the Emperor.

In truth, the only things down here that matter are the hydroponics facilities, the high-waste reactors, and the base of the Vault. Unless something bothers one of those, then nobody gives a damn what happens. Nobody, that is, except the Inquisition.

Blak Bart’s Bullets n’ Beer

This…establishment…is constructed out of the remains of an old bunker. It sells guns. And alcohol. Despite its appearances, it caters to selective clientele, and there are guys here that can get you nearly anything. For a price.

Babylon Hive

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